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Application Process

Thanks for Choosing KDPM!

Application fee is $50 per applicant 19 years and older. Applications are online for your convenience. Just click on the "More Details" tab on the property you're wanting to apply for and on the top right of the page is the "Apply Now" tab.

The following items are required to be attached with your application in order for your application to be to be processed.  

  • Photo ID 
  • Last 3 months of Pay Stubs/LES (Bank Statements are not accepted)
  • Hire/Offer Letter
  • Pictures of all pets (if applicable)
  • Military Orders (if applicable)
  • New Hire Letter stating new income (if applicable)

The application process takes an average of 1-3 business days to process, but can take longer if the supporting documents are not received. Applications do not secure the property or put it on hold. 

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